NOW! Platform provides a complete set of tools to manage parking and EV charging services.  
It includes central billing management, asset management, revenue management, CRM and user interfaces.

Central billing for parking management for the cities and mobile parking operators

Central billing

NOW! Platform billing helps you to manage rates and fees for various assets, customer groups and authorisation methods.


  • Central management of pricing
  • Dynamic pricing and personalised rates
  • Monthly and service fees 

Asset management

The assets are the items that create the revenue for the service. NOW! Platform asset management is a tool to manage and define your parking assets: spots, zones, parking meters, garages etc.


  • Pricing zones and places
  • Geo-data management
  • Availability maps

Revenue management

NOW! Platform revenue management is a tool to set up and monitor the business rules of the parking services


  • Various payment and funding options
  • Customer mobile wallets
  • Debt management
  • Revenue reporting

Customer management

NOW! Platform CRM tools allow you to configure different customer groups, their rate classes, personal settings etc. In addition we provide a customer support toolkit for the operator.

  • Customer classifications
  • Account management
  • Account history
  • Customer support

User interfaces

NOW! Platform provides multiple interfaces for the drivers including:

  • SMS
  • IVR
  • Mobile app
  • Customer portal
  • License plate reading
  • RFID-cards