How it works

NOW! cloud-based mobile billing and payment platform can be easily launched all around the world.

Mobile billing and payments

NOW! makes digital payments possible by linking user (through mobile phones, ID-cards, license plates) with his/hers cloud based mobile wallet, calculating personalised parking costs and sending payment requests to payment gateway to transfer money from user payment source (e.g. mobile wallet, credit card, PayPal) to operator’s bank account.

Choose your service and 
authorise payment

NOW! platform verifies the
authorisation and user’s
mobile wallet balance status
and forwards the payment
request to payment service provider.

Payment service provider
requests money transfer
from user payment source
to service provider’s bank account.

Connected platform

NOW! Platform is connected to various devices on streets, parking lots and garages, which work in unison with user commands. As a central command platform we can read the information from hardware like parking meters, gates, chargers, sensors, ANPR/LPR cameras etc and initiate transactions. We can also authorise hardware to perform certain tasks like opening the gates or start charging.

SaaS model explained


NOW! provides the platform on a SaaS (Software as a Service) principle.

Advantages of SaaS model:

  • Available on any device anywhere
  • Lower initial costs
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain
  • Scale your business without extra hardware costs
  • Tested API and 3rd party integrations 

NOW! Innovations believes that all operators no matter the size and investment opportunities should have an equal opportunity to start or improve its business.

That’s why we work on pay as you grow model. This model reduces initial investments to a bare minimum only requesting a reasonable price to localize and customize the service.

Whitelabel solutions

We provide NOW! Platform as a white-label solution fully skinned to Service Provider’s needs.

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Learn more about how NOW! Innovations can provide the parking solution you need. We will help you to sketch the business rules and try them out in our demo environment.