Solutions for 
parking and EV charging

NOW! Innovations provides a cloud-based parking management software for on-street and off-street parking sectors and electric car charging. It allows service providers to increase service quality, improve financial results, cut costs and be beneficial for both operators and drivers.

On-street parking

Effective on-street parking is a key factor to prevent traffic and  congestion. NOW! offers parking management solution with multiple billing and payment options, real-time analytics and dynamic reporting system for on-street parking.

City parking solutions

Mobile parking operators

  • Central billing system
  • Parking asset management
  • Revenue management
  • Digital permits management
  • Digital enforcement
  • Mobile billing and payment platform
  • Easy to customise app and portal
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Revenue sharing module

Off-street parking

NOW! Platform for off-street parking will help you to organise private and public lots, garages and driveways.

Garage parking solutions

Area parking solutions

Event and venue parking

  • Supports multiple gate provider
  • Support for ANPR-camera and RFID authorisation
  • Mobile billing and payment
  • Long-term parking management
  • Location based pricing
  • Resident parking management
  • Mobile payments
  • Support for access control systems
  • Dynamic pricing management
  • Merchant and validation programs
  • Valet parking support

EV Charging

NOW! Innovations offers a cloud-based back-end solution for operating an electric vehicle (EV) charging network with everything you need, including feature-rich mobility service management software, initial set-up and customisation, cloud-based hosting, software support and maintenance.

Charging networks 

Office charging

Residential charging

  • Supports different billing models
  • Reliable integrations with chargers over OCPP protocol or custom APIs
  • Mobile payments over the app
  • Support for RFID-cards
  • Location based pricing
  • Location detection for charging
  • Works with any smart charger
  • Combination of RFID-cards and mobile payments
  • Different tariffs for visitors and employees
  • Access control
  • Mobile payments over app or SMS
  • Time-based charging tariffs
  • Charging reminders
  • Easily customisable mobile app
  • Usage reports


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Case studies

NOW! innovations platform for mobile payments for parking has been in use since 2013. Over the years we have accumulated a significant experience in various parking systems and business models.

Parking Management for Moscow

With a population of 11 million people and 6 million cars, Moscow is a metropolis that was suffering the same fate as many other large cities around the world: its streets were filled with motorists but there was no formal system for parking. 

Mobile Parking for the USA

NOW! Innovations believes that drivers should enjoy personalized service using the latest technology, which is why it has has developed a platform to manage this individualized approach.

Introducing Mobile Parking in Belgium

Belgium presented NOW! Innovations with an early opportunity to demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of its mobile payment solution for on-street parking. 

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